RITUAL outdoor screening in Elysian Park, LA (US)

EPFC (Echo Park Film Center) is doing an outdoor screening of RITUAL. An experimental documentary on energy greed by Vague Research Studios. Saturday, June 11, 2022, at Elysian Park picnic site starting at 8:30 pm. Vague Researcher/Collaborator and filmmaker Maria Magnusson will be attending at the screening!

Elysian Park, LA
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RITUAL screening in Vancouver (CAN) on Earth Day by EPFC

EPFC Moberly Fieldhouse Residency screening of RITUAL (trailer) on Friday, April 22, 2022, 7:30 – 9:30 pm Filmcycle event! Meet up at Victoria Park (between Grant and Kitcheners Streets, 1 block east of Commercial Drive) for the first screening at 7:30 PM, followed by a group bike ride around the East Side with stops at various parks along the way. Free event! Everyone welcome!

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RITUAL a film on energy greed

The experimental film RITUAL (50 min) is the result of the recent 2 years project. It is now ready and has a great poster to go with it, designed by Milena Karlsson. The film explores energy greed as a social phenomenon and ritual as artistic method and has been filmed in eleven places in Sweden. In the selected localities, there is a historical connection to the extraction of energy and raw materials, which today is again brought to the fore in the transition to green energy and renewable raw materials. The artists have especially chosen to highlight how the urban lifestyle is dependent on nature and people in less populated places and communities in Sweden.

contact: kajsageriksson@gmail.com

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New collaborations

One year ago we started the experimental art project ”Technology use as Ritual and Resistance”. We have managed to work on despite the pandemic and are now in the process of finalizing the short story film RITUAL. We are happy to collaborate with and add the contributions of sound and voice by Klara Andersson and graphic design by Milena Karlsson. Klara is a sound artist and composer who works with issues of identity, worth and power. Alongside sound art projects she’s touring and releasing music with her solo project Fågelle. https://cargocollective.com/klaramariasofia Milena Karlsson is a graphic designer based in Gothenburg. She works on projects including books, publications, exhibition design, art direction, and visual identities. www.milenakarlsson.com

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Starting the film editing

Exiting to start editing the series of short films in the project ”Technology use as Ritual and Resistance”. Filmed during 2020 in the inland of Sweden during periods of low spreading of Covid-19. Visited places are: Smålands-Burseryd, Kinnekulle, Jokkmokk, Messaure, Meselefors, Ligga, Kallak, Njakafjäll, Grängesberg, Hofors and Sandviken.

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