Braziers Park, an amazing venue for a film festival!

Historic barn at Braziers Park as the venue for the film festival

Such a great experience to visit and show RITUAL at Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, UK. Thank you Braziers International Film festival for an amazing program, atmosphere and hospitality! RITUAL well received and a great circle of thoughts and discussion after screening. The trip to UK was made possible with support of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

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Compost of Rituals at The Other Weaving Mill, Uddebo, Sweden

A Compost of Rituals led by Kajsa G. Eriksson as part of Dreamfactory 2022 – Craft Festival. ”A ritual is a circuit that closes, a connection where a charge finally gets its flow” , citation from the film RITUAL by Vague Research Studios shown at Bio Tranan, Tranemo as part of Dreamfactory 2022.

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RITUAL outdoor screening in Elysian Park, LA (US)

EPFC (Echo Park Film Center) is doing an outdoor screening of RITUAL. An experimental documentary on energy greed by Vague Research Studios. Saturday, June 11, 2022, at Elysian Park picnic site starting at 8:30 pm. Vague Researcher/Collaborator and filmmaker Maria Magnusson will be attending at the screening!

Elysian Park, LA
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RITUAL screening in Vancouver (CAN) on Earth Day by EPFC

EPFC Moberly Fieldhouse Residency screening of RITUAL (trailer) on Friday, April 22, 2022, 7:30 – 9:30 pm Filmcycle event! Meet up at Victoria Park (between Grant and Kitcheners Streets, 1 block east of Commercial Drive) for the first screening at 7:30 PM, followed by a group bike ride around the East Side with stops at various parks along the way. Free event! Everyone welcome!

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RITUAL a film on energy greed

The experimental film RITUAL (50 min) is the result of the recent 2 years project. It is now ready and has a great poster to go with it, designed by Milena Karlsson. The film explores energy greed as a social phenomenon and ritual as artistic method and has been filmed in eleven places in Sweden. In the selected localities, there is a historical connection to the extraction of energy and raw materials, which today is again brought to the fore in the transition to green energy and renewable raw materials. The artists have especially chosen to highlight how the urban lifestyle is dependent on nature and people in less populated places and communities in Sweden.


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