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Experimental Material-Digital Art Education

Thrilled to have the chapter ”Experimental Material-Digital Art Education by Vague Research Studios” published in the book ”Critical Digital Making in Art Education” edited by Knochel, A. D., Liao, C., Patton, R. M. Vague Research Studios contributed to this timely topic with an exploration into embodied technological aesthetic practices.

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The Use of Technology as Ritual and Resistance

From April first 2020 Vague Research Studios will run a new project funded by Kulturbryggan. It will result in a series of experimental short films thematically focused on fictive rituals, that utilize environmentally conscious uses of technology. The films provide concrete examples of sustainable choices in the imaginative and ritualistic artistic process and in alternative technological production. 
The result will be presented during the second half of 2021.

It is a collaboration with photographer and experimental filmmaker Maria Magnusson, musician and sound artist Natalia Kamia and Senior Library Specialist Robin Wheelwright Ness that works on linking the past to the present through public history projects, digital storytelling, curatorial and creative practice.

Sacred Energy – a field trip into the past and into the future

We seek to find connections between the analogue and the digital. Our bodies and selves become the link that connects the both. Past memories of spending time in the woods listening to trains passing in a distance. Recent and future bodies with traces of screen time, scattered minds and constant connectivity. Technology is culture, energy is the phenomena at stake; electrical energy, body energy, movement energy, any energy. A Vague event was set up by an abandoned railway track somewhere deep into the Swedish forest.

Vague Research Studios have expanded, this field trip included Maria Magnusson and Natalia Kamia. Natalia was represented with her music.

New human-machine interfaces for diversity and inclusion

Vague Research Studios workshop at Industrial Design Engineering at Luleå University of Technology. Part of the on-going Vinnova funded research project “New human-machine interfaces for diversity and inclusion”. Including the universities and institutions: Department of Textile Technology at Swedish School of Textiles, Industrial Design at Luleå University of Technology and HDK Academy of Design and Craft at University of Gothenburg.

From workshop
From workshop