Vague Technology 2016

Vaguing is used in a similar way as “queering” which, instead of building on and re-producing standardized divisions, calls the divisions into question and places them under scrutiny. (Barad, 2012). In a vague technology the convergence of software, hardware, and IRL is an important part of our methodology and antagonistic positioning. Our methods are based on the post-humanist non-division between technology and living creatures, where agency is viewed as specific in its relationality and at the same time undetermined; emerging through reciprocal relations (Barad, 2008). Haraway describes technology as a full partner in her book When Species Meet, using Merleau-Ponty ́s description of technology as “infoldings of the flesh” (1999, 2008). Haraway makes a discursive point by exchanging the word “interface” to “infolding” when engaging with digital/IRL phenomena (Haraway, 2008). To engage with infoldings of technology/matter/body upends ideas of stable divisions and boundary-making, and works well with the practices of vaguing. The project´s interest lies in the gender boundaries and patriarchal structures produced through divisions between software, hardware and social life.