Experimental Material-Digital Art Education by Vague Research Studios,by Lena Berglin & Kajsa G. Eriksson, chapter in book ”Critical Digital Making in Art Education” ed. A D. Knochel, C. Liao & R. M. Patton, published by Peter Lang.


Improvising the Vague Outdoor Event in Art and Technology Education & Research by Lena Berglin & Kajsa G. Eriksson, Peer-reviewed article in 2/2019 Synnyt SPECIAL ISSUE InSEA Congress 2018: Scientific and Social Interventions in Art Education.


Vague Space as Potential: A Fluid Design for Urban Public Space by Vague Research Studios in the eBook Dialectics of Space and Place across Virtual and Corporeal Topographies (internationally registered on 6 October 2016). Editors: June Jordaan, Carl, Haddrell and Christine Alegria for Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, UK.


Vag Terräng (Vague Terrain) published in the Swedish Cultural Magazine ”Ord&Bild”, 1-2:2014

Vague Space – Vague Tissue. Artwork presented in the fanzine Att Överleva by Att Segra.