RITUAL screening at Öppen Salong Hagabion, Oct 20, Göteborg

From left film makers Maria Magnusson, Lena Berglin, Kajsa G. Eriksson and moderator Beatrice P Garcia

Screening of RITUAL, an experimental documentary on energy greed by Vague Research Studios at Hagabion, Öppen Salong. With an interesting talk moderated by film producer Beatrice P Garcia. Questions to ponder… is RITUAL a time capsule? Will the film be shown in schools in the future? Will ”Data centers” be our municipalities in the future? The event was a collaboration with Folkets bio/Hagabion, ABF-Göteborg and Vague Research Studios. The film RITUAL was funded by Kulturbryggan.

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Vague Research Studios visiting RISK(U) & NKFs studio, Sth 16-22 aug 2023

Risk(u) #14: ”The outdoor found inside” was the theme for the open studio and we read Vague Research’s article ”Improvising the Vague Outdoor Event in Art and Technology Education & Research” in Research in Arts and Education, Vol. 2019 No. 2 (2019) Link: https://journal.fi/rae/article/view/118983 The week ended at the amazing place Malongen with the workshop ”Sound, intra-action and the limitations of human experience” More material at NKFs homepage: https://nkfsweden.org/project-name/risku

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Väx! An expanded cinema event at 13Festivalen 2023

Väx!-Grow! is a site-specific and participant-based artwork in the tradition of ”expanded cinema”. During the fall of 2022, the artists have collected plants on Konstepidemin´s land. The shapes and chemical structure of the plants have created photographic images directly on film. During 13Festivalen, the film is screened through collective work and as a ritual with the aim of evoking the light during the dark season. The film screening requires people to collaborate in dialogue with material, film, sound, the planet earth and the sun. A prayer that the ground will melt, seeds will sprout and grow again. Maria Magnusson is an artist, photographer and filmmaker who works with non-materialistic existential states of mind and connects to an experimental film tradition. Kajsa G. Eriksson is a visual artist who works site-specifically with myth, play and ritual within an experimental art tradition and is co-running Vague Research Studios.

Chanting Väx! as part of the performance
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Invited to publish book chapter

Vague research studios are invited to contribute to the book ”Critical Digital Making” that will be published in 2018. Our ”focus on posthumanism, intra-action and material engagement, and experiments in sonification through the Vague Research Studios” was important for the decision. 

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