Workshop Luleå

In January 24-25 Vague Research studios had a workshop on intra-action vs interaction together with Professor Maria Udén (Luleå Technical University) and freelance researcher Ida Jansson. Intra-action and interaction were explored through earlier experiences in sound and electrical power.


Collaboration with sound artist Natalia Kamia

Vague Research Studios is now collaborating with musician and sound artist Natalia Kamia. We have included music from the album mastcutters by Natalia and Haruhiko Okabe in the autumn workshops and experiments.

Invited to publish book chapter

Vague research studios are invited to contribute to the book ”Critical Digital Making” that will be published in 2018. Our ”focus on posthumanism, intra-action and material engagement, and experiments in sonification through the Vague Research Studios” was important for the decision. 

NAEA 2017 New York

VRS presented at the NEAE National Art Education Association Conference: Challenge of Change, March 2-4, New York. Our work ”Vague Technology – a collective listening/sounding/making workshop example” was presented at the Supersession Critical Digital Making. This session was held by the NAEA groups AET (Art Education Technology) -CSTAE (Caucus of Social Theory in Art Education). In the presentation we emphasized the importance of materialisation in both technology and visual art in relationship to digital technology and everyday life.




Book Publication

The article ”Vague Space as Potential: A Fluid Design for Urban Public Space” has been published in the eBook ”Dialectics of Space and Place across Virtual and Corporeal Topographies”, Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, UK.


2017 National Art Education in New-York

Vague Research Studios has been accepted to Critical Digital Making: A Co-sponsored Super Session with AET & CSTAE at the 2017 National Art Education Association in New York City, March 2-4 2017.

The super session explores technology and social theory through formsof critical digital making. This session is designed to continue building alliances between the Caucus of Social Theory in Art Education and the Art Education Technology special interest groups, showing examples of the connections between the two special-interest