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Vague Research Studios (VRS) was founded in 2013 by Visual Artist, Ph.D. Kajsa G. Eriksson and Designer, Researcher, Ph.D. Lena TH Berglin and graphic designer Milena Karlsson .

The studio began as an exploration of trans-disciplinary methods and a determination  to work collaboratively within the  concept of vagueness. The studio’s initial understanding of vagueness came from the architect Ignasi de Solà-Morale’s investigation of “terrain vague” polysemantic meaning and etymology of the word “vague” is described as follows.

The French vague has Latin and Gemanic origins. The German Woge refers to sea swell, significantly alluding the movement, oscillation, instability and fluctuation. Two Latin roots come together in the French vague. Vague descent from vaccus, giving us “vacant” and “vaccum” in English, which is to say “empty , unoccupied” yet also “free, available, unengaged”. (1995, s. 110)

Today, almost a decade later, we are compelled to explore where the concept of the vague has brought us. Lately in the formats of rituals and circles of people gathering to manifest and explore together.

Vague Research Studios is where experimental art, material and embodied experiences meet. Based on feminist values with the aim of creating new forms of collaboration across disciplines.

Don´t hesitate contacting us for more information and discussing future collaborations

Email: info@vrstudios.se

Visiting Address: Vänmötet 3, Göteborg, Sweden