Väx! An expanded cinema event at 13Festivalen 2023

Väx!-Grow! is a site-specific and participant-based artwork in the tradition of ”expanded cinema”. During the fall of 2022, the artists have collected plants on Konstepidemin´s land. The shapes and chemical structure of the plants have created photographic images directly on film. During 13Festivalen, the film is screened through collective work and as a ritual with the aim of evoking the light during the dark season. The film screening requires people to collaborate in dialogue with material, film, sound, the planet earth and the sun. A prayer that the ground will melt, seeds will sprout and grow again. Maria Magnusson is an artist, photographer and filmmaker who works with non-materialistic existential states of mind and connects to an experimental film tradition. Kajsa G. Eriksson is a visual artist who works site-specifically with myth, play and ritual within an experimental art tradition and is co-running Vague Research Studios.

Chanting Väx! as part of the performance
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Invited to publish book chapter

Vague research studios are invited to contribute to the book ”Critical Digital Making” that will be published in 2018. Our ”focus on posthumanism, intra-action and material engagement, and experiments in sonification through the Vague Research Studios” was important for the decision. 

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Exhibition and film release

– What are you doing?
– We are weaving in the trees. What are you doing?

By doing something and being present we have informally met people and through this becoming part of the Circular Ring. Here you can find traces of life… beer in a can, old matches, a dead hare with a stick through the eye, an everyday life in Frölunda.

Västra Frölunda’s Circular Ring was designed in the 1960’s for community recreation. The once popular space is now overgrown and has been forgotten by most. In 2015, the vague space of the Ring will be built upon and disappear from the landscape. The exhibition tells the story of an urban area in rapid change due and shows the discrepancy of the city plans made by the politicians and the actual everyday life of the people living in the area of Frölunda.

The film The Kids, the Alcoholics, and the Artists features original music by Gustav Leijelind accompanied by children from Frölunda Elementary school. Throughout the exhibition, the film will be screened alongside an interactive community weaving activity using textile materials previously installed in the vague space. The exhibition is part of the research project Vague Terrain – Vague Tissue: a pre-study.


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