A metamorphose of energy privilege in times of crisis

by Kajsa G. Eriksson

Climate crisis is built on energy privilege.
My worries are real.
This is a blog on the expansion of empathy to include energy. It is a vague research into natural science, empathy and poetic faith.
By creating a space within a space I am painting and talking myself into an alternative energy world. This is also an invitation to create your own energy empathy space.

Starting right here, right now.

Collaborating with...

September 4 2022

Energy as a system of creativity and power

Environment as Electricity
First law of Thermodynamics: Meaning that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed.

Energy is a system of transformation. This system can be really slow like in the Earth creation of oil and gas that took approximately 60 millions years. Or it can be a fast transformation for example when humans bring the oil over ground and using to move themselves or things and for many other uses.

Engineers make energy calculations using closed systems of energy transformations but in order to understand how for example nature and cultural resources (or a person like me) relate to energy, the system has to be imagines as an open energy system. This makes the system less determined to make calculations but it includes more things, like nature and humans. This means when we meet and talk about energy in the everyday it is depending on someone who decided the boundaries of setting it up. This also means that creating a system of energy are a space of creativity and power.

Energy Empathy Talk I (1:03 min)

September 3, 2022

Drop height

An object held at a given height above the ground has an initial potential energy, according to its mass and the initial height.

September 2, 2022

Everyone wants more of everything, what does that even mean?

Energy Empathy (EE) is intentionally an odd combination, since it´ s implying that neither natural sciences or emotions are enough, and that the combination and inter-twining of these two concepts are what creates  transformation and action.  

Energy refers to a phenomenon being part of the natural sciences and loosely as an capacity to cause movement (´O Connell, 2021).

Empathy is understood as having two components: cognitive and affective, and being completely entangled (Tam, 2013).

September 1, 2022

Painting myself into a space of connections

This is the start of creating a space within a space in the studio. In setting up this space using paintings as scenography it is possible to manifest an alternative world of and research empathy in relation to energy. From the outside of the created space the parts of the actual energy system that makes the studio installation possible is visualized and made transparent.

 I am using spånt and cardboard to build the boards and I am painting  with egg tempera mixed with 6 pigment. The pigments are iron oxide,  black, red and yellow, Preussian/Berlin/Paris blue that is made  chemically from iron, and I also use white pigments, titan and zink.