Vague 100 at bar 10

Vague Research Studios held the 100 Year Jubilee at Bar10, Konstepidemin. Vague Research Studios featuring Hannes Nilsson celebrated with the premiere of performance “Year 0”.


Blue + Pink >>> Rethink

The iGDN exhibition “Blue+PInk>>>Rethink” ,designxport Hamburg is now opened. Our new piece “Norm vs Fluidity”, by Milena Karlsson, Kajsa G. Eriksson and Lena Berglin, was exhibited for the first time.


The Lurker

Two weeks ago, a cold and rainy day, a Lurker showed up in the studio and told us about some very exciting sound experiments. To be continued next week in a sound and material workshop at Vänmötet.


Vague research Studios at Göteborgs Konsthall

November 22th Vague Research Studios presented the film “The Children, the Alcoholics and the Artist” at Göteborgs Konsthall. Read More


Vague Research Studios visiting Detroit

Vague Research Studios visited Detroit as a preparation for “The Hidden” project.  VRS also visited Lawrence University of Technology, School of Architecture and Design and their Design Studio in Detroit.


PhD printer performance at the AHA festival Chalmers

Art and Science – how do these 2 worlds communicate with each other, and can this communication be captured into an experience?

The AHA festival’s ( ‘Phd printer’ performance looks into alternative forms of communicating ongoing Phd research at Chalmers and Gothenburg University. Vague Research Studios have chosen 3 current PhD research projects, and translate these into an ongoing afternoon experience.

Vague Research Studios PhD printer consists of a performative sound and material workshop for students where the music from the video “The children, the alcoholics and the artists” produces diverse sounds and spaces. Two guides will be in conversation with PhD students, other researchers and the audience and together launch the printer based on both artistic, technical, social and acoustic research categories.

Vague research Studios: Lena T H Berglin and Kajsa G. Eriksson
Phd’s: Penny Bergman, Lisa Bomble, Karl-Johan Freden Jansson + Anna Maria Orru