PhD printer performance at the AHA festival Chalmers

Art and Science – how do these 2 worlds communicate with each other, and can this communication be captured into an experience?

The AHA festival’s ( ‘Phd printer’ performance looks into alternative forms of communicating ongoing Phd research at Chalmers and Gothenburg University. Vague Research Studios have chosen 3 current PhD research projects, and translate these into an ongoing afternoon experience.

Vague Research Studios PhD printer consists of a performative sound and material workshop for students where the music from the video “The children, the alcoholics and the artists” produces diverse sounds and spaces. Two guides will be in conversation with PhD students, other researchers and the audience and together launch the printer based on both artistic, technical, social and acoustic research categories.

Vague research Studios: Lena T H Berglin and Kajsa G. Eriksson
Phd’s: Penny Bergman, Lisa Bomble, Karl-Johan Freden Jansson + Anna Maria Orru


Gender Design Exhibition

Vague Reseeach Studios exhibit  at the “The Great small – Great Gender-Sensitive Design and small anti-gender design” in HongKong.  VRS exhibits  “Fluidity vs Norm” illustrating Fluid Design as open and inclusive versus  stereotype and normative design.


Opening of the exhibition ”The Circular Ring”

September 6th  “The Circular Ring” finally opened. Premiere of the film “The KIDS, the ALCOHOLICS and the ARTISTS”. Thanks to all of you who attended and special thanks to Adara and Linnea for taking part in the project as well as the opening day.


Published in Ord&Bild

The article ”Vag Terräng” by Vague Research Studios, Meira Ahmemulic and Kristoffer Folkhammar is published in recent issue of Ord & Bild.



Vague Research Studios received funding from Kulturbryggan (www.kultur The funding is destined the project “The Hidden”, aiming to engage surprising and self-organising sound.


Frölundaskolan and 1200m2

In connection with the production of the film “Barnen, alkohlisterna och konstnärerna” VRS will continue to collaborate with Frölundaskolan. VRS has also initiated co-operation with 1200m2, a youth centre in Västra Frölunda. 1200 m2 offers VRS sound studio facilities for the creation of the film score. Parts of the music will be realized in a series of workshop together will the artist Gustav Lejelind, children from Frölunda skolan, youth from 1200m2 and VRS.